Wednesday, 12 October 2016

How To Fold And Insert A Letter Into An Envelope

You may not think that there is anything to know about folding a letter before placing it in an envelope, but this is wrong. There is a certain etiquette that goes along with folding a letter correctly, especially if it is for business purposes. Take time to learn about the different methods of folding a letter before inserting it into an envelope.

Method 1. Folding A Standard US Business Letter For A Standard Business Envelope

Write on the envelope. If you are handwriting the recipient’s information on the envelope, do this before you insert the letter so that you don’t leave dents in the paper.
If you want your letter to look more professional, you can use your printer to print out the address on the envelope.
You should write the recipient’s address on the front of the envelope in the center (e.g. if you are in the US: name, address, city, state, and zip code), as well as the return address (your name, address, city, state, and zip code) in the top left hand corner.
Place the letter face up on a table. Before you fold the letter, check that the address on the letter and the address on the envelope correspond. Double check that you have signed the letter.
The text should be facing up towards you as though you were reading it.
Fold the bottom part of the letter up. Take the bottom edge of the page. Fold it up and over so that the bottom edge lines up about one third the way up the page.
If you aren’t sure how much this is, take your envelope and place it underneath the middle of your letter to use as a guide.
Check that the edges are lined up. Before you crease the fold, make sure that the outside edges of the letter all line up perfectly to avoid crooked creases.
If the edges aren’t lined up properly, your fold will be crooked and your letter may not fit into the envelope.
Once you are sure they are lined up, use your finger to crease the fold carefully.
Fold the top part down. Now take the top part of the letter and fold it downwards so that there is about half an inch (about 1 cm) of space between the bottom crease and the top (folded down) edge of the letter.
Again, use your envelope as a guide if you aren’t sure. When your envelope is lying underneath the letter you can check to make sure that it will fit inside by lining up the top and bottom creases of the letter with the top and bottom of the envelope.
Crease the top fold. Don’t forget to line up the top part of the fold with the edges of the page. This will give you a nice clean and straight fold.
You can hold a ruler sideways between your fingers and slide the thin edge of the ruler along the paper to create a flat and crisp crease if you want to.

Insert the letter into the envelope. Take the letter so that the folds face outward, and the top fold coincides with the top of the envelope. Hold the envelope so that the flap of the envelope faces you, and opens towards you. Place the letter carefully into the envelope so as not to dent the page.
The recipient should be able to remove the letter and open it without having to turn it right-
side up to read it.

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